vanillasmp.club 1.16.3
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Version 1.16.3
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vanillasmp.club is a NEW Bedrock/Java Crossplay friendly vanilla survival community! Our server is for players looking for a community to interact with and befriend, and we aim provide the best survival experience in the meantime. Our ranks are balanced with all the donations going directly to server upkeep. Some come hop on if you are looking for a good ole survival experience!

Some Features
+ Night Skipping, Player Market, Armored Elytras.
+ Land claims to protect your builds.
+ Set a home and teleport to it.
+ Microblocks which are small blocks. You can get via wandering traders!
+ Chat tags for fun gameplay.
+ Horses teleport with you.
+ You can make item frames invisible by crouching when placing one.
+ Challenges that give you a reward if you are the first to complete them.

Discord: https://discord.vanillasmp.club/

IP: vanillasmp.club BEDROCK PORT: 25620